Entry #1

Finished my first ever flash.

2009-02-21 12:29:10 by UltimateCodz

i finshed my first flash ever. Its not the best flash, because im not as good as all the other good NGers with flash yet. But still, get a mic, a motion tweening guide (thanks Tom) and a couple of friends, and this is what you could piece together.


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2009-07-23 14:41:22

Since I cannot review, I am going to post my advice here:
Okay, it's your first flash, but it is also people's free blam point. Don't make an annoying flash about an annoying and a really old meme that no one finds funny anymore, try to come up with jokes yourself, that people would like.

Don't use the rainbow color, people hates it. And try to draw something other than stickmen, the whole flash looks like it only took you two minutes to do.

Keep trying kid, you'll get better. =D


2009-09-29 10:34:11

Same as frank, i would have reviewed but im banned until the 16th oh well, keep trying to learn flash!